Due to it’s position between the river Wye and Symonds Yat Rock which rises 500 feet from the river bed, The Chalet is accessed via a steep, woodland driveway.  In normal weather conditions the driveway is safe and navigable by most roadworthy cars.   However, in some wintry weather conditions you may prefer to access The Chalet from a nearby car park.  Please check with us if you have any concerns about the suitability of your vehicle or other parking questions.

Also, because of it’s position and the naturally rugged terrain, there are many steps, some of which are uneven.  From the car park to the house there are 40 steps which are well spaced with a handrail part of the way.  From the house to the river there are 95 steps, some of which are uneven. Again, there are handrails for most of the way but some areas are unfenced.

There is some exterior lighting at The Chalet but in many places at night-time it is really, really dark!